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China 8th
Company Profile
  • Business Type:
    Natural Stone
  • Main Products:
    granite,granite wall stone,granite kerbstone,tombstone,blue limestone,sandstone,
  • Country/Region:
    45 China
  • Established:
    Jun 18, 2006
  • NO. of Employees:
    501 ~ 1000
  • Annual Turnover:
    US$ 50 ~ 100 Million
  • Authentication:
  • Verification Type:
  • √ Certificates
Grace li
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Recommended Products
  • Honed China Bluestone Slab
  • G375 Granite Slabs & Tiles, China Grey Granite
  • Verde Peacock Green Granite Tiles
  • Bush Hammered Bluestone, China Blue Blue Stone Slabs & Tiles
  • China Rust Slate, Multicolor Slate Tiles
  • Yellow Wooden Sandstone Slabs & Tiles, China Yellow Sandstone
  • Dark Red Granite G352 Slabs & Tiles, China Red Granite
  • Black Quartzite Tiles, China Black Quartzite
  • G352 Red Granite Slabs & Tiles
  • G386-8 Red Granite Slab, China Red Granite
  • China Bluestone Stairs & Steps, Bluestone Stair Riser, Outdoor Steps
  • Grey Granite Mushroom Wall Block, G341 Grey Granite Mushroom Wall
  • Grey Granite Wall Stone to Northern Europe, G341 Grey Granite Wall
  • Grey Granite Step Stone,G341 Grey Granite Steps
  • Granite Exterior Wall Stone,G343 Grey Granite Mushroom Stone
  • China Bluestone Window Sills
  • Shandong Grey Granite Big Stone for Walling, G341 Grey Granite Walling
  • Split Face Grey Granite Wall Block, G341 Grey Granite Wall
  • China White Marble Balustrade & Railings
  • Yellow Granite Mushroom Stone Walling, G350 Yellow Granite Mushroom Stone
  • Shanxi Black Tombstone Russian Style, Shanxi Black Granite Tombstone
  • Black Granite Headstone, G20 Black Granite Monument & Tombstone
  • G343 Grey Granite Tombstone
  • China Black Granite Rectangle Tombstone
  • China Black Granite Tombstone for Korean Market,China (Also Called Hebei ) Black Granite Japanese & Korean
  • China (Also Called Hebei ) Black Granite Urn, Vase & Bench
  • Carved Granite Tombstone,Shanxi Black Granite Monument & Tombstone
  • Shanxi Black Granite Cross Monuments
  • Black Granite Memorial Stone, Shanxi Black Granite Monument & Tombstone
  • Black Granite Gravestone, Shanxi Black Granite Graveyard Products
  • G375 Granite Cube Stone & Paver, Blind Paving Stone, Blind Stone Pavers
  • Handmade Grey Granite Kerbstone,G341 Grey Granite Kerbs
  • Blue Limestone Cube,Patio,Paver,Paving Stone,Paving Sets
  • Chinese Grey Granite Paving Stone and Cobble Stone
  • Special Granite Parking Stone
  • Black Granite Stone Bench for Garden
  • Chinese Grey G341 Granite Kerbs, Kerbstone
  • Grey Granite Garden Bench
  • Kerbstones Kerb Stone Curbs Curbstone Side Stone Road Stone V22 V17 Finland Red Granite Grey Granite
  • K3(G3) Kerbstone for Germany and Austria, G341 Curbstone, Road Stone, Curbs, Rough Kerbstone, Side Stone, Kerbs, Kerbstones
  • China G375 Grey Granite Blocks
  • G375 Grey Granite Block, China Grey Granite
  • G370 Granite Block, China Grey Granite
  • Pink Granite Wall Block,Retaining Wall,Garden Wall
  • Granite Garden Block,Patio Block,Park Block,Project Block
  • G366 Pink Granite Wall Blocks, Retaining Wall Blocks, Walling Blocks, Housing Blocks, Wall Stone, Grey Granite Wall Blocks

Contact Details

  • Telephone: +86-532-66060235
  • Fax No: 532-532-55551589
  • Mobile: +86-13553008746
  • Company Address
    NO. 117 YAN'ANSAN Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China

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